Friends Pay Tribute to John Simmons

John SimmonsThe friends of a 15-year-old boy who drowned in a Merseyside lake have been paying their respects to him.

John Simmons was with friends when he fell off a polystyrene raft into the icy water of the Clegg in Thatto Heath, St Helens, early on 13 February.

Pupils at his school, Cowley Language College in St Helens, paid tribute to him in their first assembly after the half-term break.

A poem written by his girlfriend, Jamie, was read out in the assembly.


In it, she said: "I never knew you was going to leave, I didn't think you'd go.

"Just wanted to say, just one last time, how much I loved you so."

Assistant head teacher, Paul Livesey, said he was shocked to be dealing with the death of one of his pupils.

He said: "He was a fun-loving lad. He was known by everyone in the school, you always knew when he was coming down the corridor, he was full of life."

Head boy, Patrick Hannon, said students were trying to think of the good times.

"You just have to think of all the good memories really, you can't think of all the sad ones, that just gets the mood down," he said.

John's funeral is due to take place later this week

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sutton heathers said...

john was the most soundest lad anyone could ever meet he was sound to everyone he met and is going to be missed by everyone who knew him RIP john love gaz foster mike paz pie ed chelsey an the sutton heathers x x x x x x x

Anonymous said...

I never actually new John Simmons i'v seen him around its horrible and shocking news to find out that a young life as been taken i feel awful for his family and friends i would like to send my lv to Johns Family and Friends and John will be missed so much R.I.P john xxxxxxxxxxxx

beth said...

John was like the best lad in the world he always had a smile on his face and he was never down , everyone new him he was a very popular lads and we all miss him soo soo much , Our Nathan G + d And Our Gaz And Sutton Heathh miss yeahh loads babe and i meann it ! Lovee Himm ,,, Beth Ashley Laura Shannon Katie Bethan Mike Richard Sam Toni Mel Charl And The Sutton Heathers and everyone xxxxxxxxxxxx