St Helens Lap Dancing Club Launches

lap dancing st helens

St Helens' first lap dancing bar opened on 6th December 2007. The upper floor of the Joker's Bar, Ormskirk Street, has been converted into Laplicious, featuring a host of scantily glad girls.
David Keith, premises license owner, said: "St Helens has not got a lap dancing bar."Every major town has one and I feel St Helens is a modern and forward looking town. A lot of people have to travel to Manchester or Liverpool at the moment."Everything is in order. If anybody's got any complaints we are going to listen to everything."There is always going to be for and against. It's not sleazy, or dirty - it's a bit of fun. St Helens may like lap dancing, they may not."
He has worked closely with St Helens Council's head of licensing David Breeze and the police to ensure all guidelines have been met. He added: "We have got a code of practice. That involves strictly no admission to under 18s, absolutely no touching of the girls and all the performers must be over the age of 18. "None of the performers are allowed to dress or use any props which would indicate there were under the age of 18 - they can't use a school uniform."
However, church leaders are far from happy, branding the bar 'exploitative'.Tim Hyde, minister of St Helens Baptist Church, said: "It's not something I would be in favour of. "There is enough pressure on people's relationships as there is in the town and such venues probably don't help in many ways. "I don't think it's fun - to me it's a form of exploitation of male, female relationships."

Parts of this story were originally published in The St Helens Reporter


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