The New St Helens Stadium

St Helens Stadium, United Glas

Exciting plans are in place as a result of four years’ hard work, to transform the derelict United Glass site by landowner and developer Langtree Group plc, St Helens Council, St Helens Rugby League Club, retailer Tesco and housebuilder Taylor Woodrow.

Under the dynamic proposals, a stadium would be built befitting the most successful club in modern rugby league history and provide one of the biggest economic development initiatives in the recent history of the borough.

The success of this project is entirely dependent upon all aspects of the scheme being delivered.

In summary, these developments are:

The transformation of the derelict former United Glass site to create a new 18,000-capacity stadium for St Helens Rugby League Club, a 140,000 sq ft Tesco Extra, as well as associated public realm and infrastructure improvements which will go hand-in-hand with the development

The redevelopment of the existing town centre Tesco store in Chalon Way into alternative high quality retail use, significantly enhancing and extending the town ’s retail offer

The development of the existing St Helens Rugby League Club site at Knowsley Road to create high quality family housing, which will enhance the existing community.
Together, these developments will create thousands of new jobs and pump millions of pounds into the local economy, strengthening the borough ’s economic base.

They will also deliver increased civic pride, enhanced social inclusion and improved brand image for the town.

The three cornerstones of the scheme are inextricably linked. If any single element were to fail, the entire project would collapse.

'Without the development of a retail store on the former United Glass site it would not be financially viable to construct the proposed new stadium.

This is because the retail store would act as an enabling component, facilitating the development of the stadium and associated infrastructure and public realm works.

Furthermore, the relocation of Tesco from its existing site is required for the proposed retail development to proceed at Chalon Way in the town centre.

Over and above the benefits delivered by the development of a derelict industrial site, the redevelopment of a prime town centre retail opportunity would generate significant additional economic benefits and is essential in justifying the provision of public sector support and funds necessary to redevelop the former United Glass site.

The development of the existing stadium site at Knowsley Road is also essential to help fund the stadium development.

It is essential, therefore, that each of the separate elements of the proposal be regarded as inextricably linked.

Each of the parts is vital to achieve the whole. And each of the parts is vital to achieve the significant economic benefits that would flow from the overall proposal and which would justify the expenditure of public funds.

This plan will deliver a positive economic impact on a scale that St Helens has never seen before.
With thanks to Langtree Group PLC. Visit the website for full details and to register your support


thesaint said...

we have not heard anything about the new stadium for some time does anybody out there no whats happening. On the red vee site it says that Morrisons and tontine market have objected.

Victoria said...

Great image of St Helens Stadium.

There is more information about the stadium on Langtree's website: