Don't Present Thieves with Easy Pickings

Christmas St Helens With the festive period approaching and christmas shopping in full swing, Merseyside Police in St Helens is urging local people not to let car thieves ruin their Christmas.

Each year, the number of thefts from parked cars and other vehicles increases around Christmas time, with newly-bought presents a key target for thieves. This year police officers in St Helens aim to build upon their recent success in tackling car crime by making sure that members of the public protect their vehicles

Police Officers, including Community Support Officers, Crime Reduction Officers and the Special Constabulary, will be targeting busy shopping areas and hotspots for car crime across St Helens, handing out crime prevention advice. In addition, a highly visible ad van promoting the message 'If it's on show, it's gonna go' will be seen out and about around busy retail parks and hotspot area and the message will also be advertised on the back of carpark tickets.

Remove all valuables

Police want to remind people "Don't make it easy for car thieves" - urging them to ensure that they remove all valuables from their cars. Officers are also asking that whilst doing the Christmas shopping, residents and visitors don't go back to their car half way through and leave presents in the boot, or on a back seat, before returning to the shops.

Chief Inspector Shaun Holland said: "Police officers in St Helens have worked tirelessly with members of the public to reduce incidents of car crime. If we all take some simple steps, such as removing items from view, and making sure you don't make yourself an easy target by putting presents in the car and leaving it again, we can all reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of car crime. If you see anyone acting suspiciously around vehicles, call Merseyside Police on 0151 709 6010.

Covert policing

"Thieves will take any opportunity presented to them - sometimes for very little reward - simply because they can. Our message is that we can stop the thieves, by taking simple steps and not making yourself an easy target."

The awareness campaign will be support by high-profile and covert policing across the borough to track down potential thieves.

Chief Inspector Holland added: "Our message to car thieves is beware - we have the means to stop you. We'd urge anyone who has information about car crime to report offenders to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, so that police can work to take them off the streets and put them before the courts."

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