The Mersey Forest

Mersey ForestStretching from the sandy dunes of Sefton in the north, down across the Cheshire Plain to the canals and woodlands of Northwich in the south, The Mersey Forest is the biggest of the UK's 12 Community Forests.

In all it covers 465 square miles (1204 km2) – larger than the area of 100,000 football pitches (or almost four times the size of Malta!) – and is part of a 30-year plan to transform the landscape across Merseyside and North Cheshire.

The regeneration of The Mersey Forest is being achieved thanks to a partnership comprising of the Forestry Commission, Natural England, nine local authorities, The Mersey Forest Team and a host of other organisations and individuals who share the vision for creating The Forest.

In the 12 years since it was established over 3,750 hectares of new habitat have been created, and around 10 million new trees planted.

The Forest now provides the four million people who live within 20 km of its boundaries with a place to explore, a place to enjoy, and a place to relax.

It is helping to improve health, reduce pollution and turn derelict land into new green spaces, providing the green infrastructure for our area and stimulating the local economy by boosting tourism and creating jobs.

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