Big Brother Is Watching You - And Making St Helens Safer

Partygoers who become embroiled in violence around Christmas in St Helens town centre face being caught on CCTV.
The town's most senior police officer, Chief Superintendent Peter Brinkley, issued the warning as he urged revellers to drink responsibly and avoid booze-fuelled trouble during the festive season.
Traditionally numbers drinking in town-centre nightclubs and bars soar in the run-up to Christmas and police are aiming to keep a lid on flashpoints.

St Helens' top officer said widespread CCTV coverage throughout the town centre has helped recorded violence drop by a 25 per cent in recent years. Films of crimes such as attacks or damage can also provide significant evidence in court.
Chief Supt Brinkley said: "We know where the hot spots for trouble are - taxi ranks, fast food shops and clubs. And we regularly monitor those areas. If we recognise the behaviour of someone who has clearly had too much to drink or is acting suspiciously we will focus our cameras which are linked through the town centre."

With thanks to The St Helens Star

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