Unruly Rainhill High Pupils Disciplined for Unruly Behaviour

A number of pupils from Rainhill High have been disciplined after they were caught lobbing chips at the village's civic Christmas tree.

A local resident, who asked not to be named, claimed up to 30 teenagers in Rainhill High uniforms were throwing chips and wrappers at the tree last Wednesday lunchtime (November 26).

He said: "These kids are representing their school when they're ADVERTISEMENTout and about, but this was an absolute disgrace.

"It's a lovely tree and people a lot younger than me were delighted to see it go up last weekend. Why do a minority of people always come along and ruin nice things?"

He added: "I rang the school straight away to complain about their conduct. It was totally disrespectful to all the people who like this tree. I hope the headteacher has a word with these pupils to set them straight."

A spokesperson for Rainhill High said: "As soon as we were informed that the incident had taken place, we acted immediately and have found the culprit and punished them.

"This incident took place during the Year 11 examinations period. Normally only ten students are allowed out at lunchtime - and that is to go home. We will be reviewing future examination and lunchtime arrangements to ensure this sort of incident does not occur again.

"It is a shame that the mindless conduct of a tiny minority deflects from the exemplorary behaviour of 1,400 plus students."

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