St Helens Growth Strategy Presentation Alienates Audience

The launch of the St Helens City Growth Strategy last week was designed to show a wider audience what the town has to offer.

And the strategy document was full of surprises. The first was when it used the word complementarity, which we are reliably informed is a local colloquialism for “goes together” and is a phrase that is often uttered in local hostelries.

St Helens is world-famous for its homegrown rugby league talent, which left everyone attending at a loss to explain why the four stars shown in the strategy document were Matt Gidley, Chris Flannery, Willie Talau and Francis Meli, who are well-known in . . . er . . . Australia and Samoa.

So there you go, another chance to show what the town has to offer and all it manages to do is generate negative press, like this!

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