St Helens Giant Eagle Owl Recaptured in Widnes

Scrambling over roofs and balancing on teetering ladders, birdman Brian Grace finally managed to capture what is thought to be the European Eagle Owl which recently escaped from a home in Clock Face.

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The big bird, boasting a wing span of 6ft had flown to Widnes after flying from its perch a month ago.

Brian (25) who has been a falconer for more than a decade, used his skill and knowledge to trap the owl on the Dock Estate in Widnes.

He made several attempts to snare the owl, eventually catching it after it was being dive-bombed by six crows.
Brian, who is convinced that it is the same bird which has featured in the Star for several weeks, explained: "Whenever a bird is spotted around Widnes, they call me, so I went out to take a look.
"At first I tried a line with meat on it, because when it grabs it, it doesn't let go.

"But it didn't work. I climbed up the roof and got within six feet of it before it took off."

Brian successfully captured the giant predator after another attempt,

His efforts follwed a series of sightings of the owl in Widnes from readers who posted messages and sent pictures to

The bird, which is the largest breed of owl in the world eats insects but has been known to prey on animals the size of a fox.

It has distinctive brown, grey and white markings, with large ear tufts, yellow or orange eyes with a black beak and talons.

Brian is currently checking proof of ownership before returning the bird.

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