Who Saw This Beautiful Rainbow Over St Helens?

YMCA St Helens Lowe House
They say that at the end of every rainbow there lies a pot of gold.
Well today (October 22nd 2009) saw a full 180 degree rainbow that spread, from where we were looking at least, from the Lowe House to The YMCA.
Perhaps there was a pot at either end?YMCA St Helens Lowe House
If you look really closely on this image you will also be able to make out a very faint 2nd band. It was so much clearer with the naked eye, though.

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Anonymous said...

i saw this Rainbow in newton le willows while saying goodbye to the last of our afterschool club children we had two side by side one dull but still lovely but the other was extremely bright shinning on a near by house it was amazing. i ave never seen a rainbow so bright all my life.