St Helens is the Happiest Town on Merseyside - It's Official

St. Helens is one of the happiest places to live according to researchers from the Universities of Sheffield and Manchester.

They have drawn up a map of happiness down to district level across England, Scotland and Wales.

St.Helens came 14th out of 273 towns,making it the happiest town in Merseyside and one of the happiest in the North West.

Using data from the British Household Panel Survey, where people were asked about their sense of wellbeing.

After adding in factors such as employment, health and educational qualifications, the team found that the area of Brecknock, Montgomery and Radnor in Powys was the happiest place.

Manchester came second, followed by West Lothian.

Brian Spencer, Leader of St.Helens Council said: "This comes as no surprise to the people who live, visit and work in our town. St.Helens certainly has the feelgood factor with its vibrant culture and heritage together with a booming economy. It really is becoming a choice of destination whether it be for business, culture or lifestyle."

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