St Helens Birdwatching - and This Doesn't Mean a Visit to Lapilicious

St Helens Swan Join St.Helens Council’s Rangers for two bird themed events next weekend. (January 12th and 13th)
On Saturday January 12th you can find out what to feed the birds during winter and how to cheaply make bird feeders at Bankes Park, Billinge at 1pm.
Then a Winter Bird Walk takes place on Sunday January 13th through the Sankey Valley during which up to 50 species of birds may be seen or heard. Anyone who is interested should meet at the country park’s visitor centre at Blackbrook, off Blackbrook Road at 9am. Binoculars would be useful and due to the nature of the walk dogs should be left at home.
For more information on either event call the Rangers on 01744 677772

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